Very Eye Level
  • The best game to get very high level visual skills.
Very Eye Level cover Screenshot
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Very Eye Level is a simple game where you follow moving targets. The challenge comes when you add several of them... including false targets to lure you.

The game is the result of a collaboration with martial artists and physiotherapists specialized in vestibular rehabilitation. They both wanted an exercise to train peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision is essential in daily life for anyone, and sportspeople need it to react quickly to partners movements. In high-stress situations, you might want to be prepared against tunnel vision.

Very Eye Level forces you to be aware of your peripheral vision, while choosing a strategic spot for your central vision. You have to remember which are the true and the false targets, track them as they move and do not lose them.

Testing the game, we found it very relaxing. Aside from the calm mood, this might be related to the variation of motor function in eye muscles. This might help you relieving stress or insomnia.